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Merk/type: Fiat 700

Chassisnummer: 7009390/30010495

Bouwjaar: 1923

Nummerplaat: 1-OAM-931

Totale restauratie als nieuw
Showroom – en rally conditie
Op rubberbanden voor 600x18 nieuw
Achter 9.00 x 24
Oud profiel 80%
Gietijzeren achterwielen “Dunlop”

Engine Type 300B
Engine Nr 30010495

Belgian Registration Nr . 10AM913

This beautiful rebuilt Fiat 700 has been bought by Robert Vandaele from France, in barn condition.
Standard, the tractor had cast wheels but these have been changed in “kit” to wheels with rubber tires.
The tractor is rebuilt in ”museum and rally“ condition, good working order and complete.

With the rubber tires, the tractor can be used for road trips.
The Fiat 700 was an answer from Fiat on the successfull Fordson, built in Bologna, in the north of Italy.

It was smaller and lighter, and more competitive than the previous 702 / 703
The Fiat 700 tractor was the first tractor to be assembled with the same chassis used as wheeled
tractor or crawler tractor (see 700C) The tractor has been built in different versions in Italy between
1926 and 1942.